Input/Output is a book with 100 outputs of a system created by inputting a word through a unique process to create a new outcome. To do this, I divided each letterform into multiple pieces by separating lines and curves, using Helvetica because of the simplicity of its geometry, and then photocopying each piece, one at a time, onto the same sheet of paper, attempting to recreate the original word.

The book has been perfect bound to reference a flip book, as that is most likely how a reader would naturally navigate this book. The cover is red card, because in writing errors are usually either highlighted or corrected with red pen. Additionally, the cover is without text or image, as to conceal the final outcome. As my aim was to improve my ability to recreate the word “error” with each attempt, if the cover were to reference that a viewer would know what to expect on page one. Instead, by leaving it blank, the initial pages remain difficult to decipher, until the attempts improve and the word error becomes more clear at the end.